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Who are MiBooks?

MiBooks produce interactive, illustrated children's books for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that kids will love to explore and read over and over again. The MiBooks stories take place in a variety of locations, including on the farm, at the beach, in space, on the seven seas and many more.

All books feature interactive sections, sounds and the option to read the book yourself or have it read to you. Many of the books also allow the reader to customize the book to suit themselves, and to choose the direction or path they want the story to take, meaning the story can be different on the fourth or fifth read!

Our library:

The Puppy who lost his b...

It's a most peculiar case - a puppy who just cannot seem to bark! Embark on an adventure with a family and their puppy, as they try everything they can think of to help him find his bark.

More information about The Puppy who lost his b... Download from AppStore

The Unlikely Substitute

On the day of the football cup final, could an injury to a star player lead to an odd and unlikely new player to take to the field, with a chance of becoming a hero?

More information about The Unlikely Substitute Download from AppStore

Argus Pegleg

A treasure hunt is afoot, and you're right in the middle of it as you search for the mysterious treasures of Eyepatch Island with Captain Pegleg and his crew.

More information about Argus Pegleg Download from AppStore

Santa and the Xmas List ...

On the night before Christmas, join Simon, Santa and all the elves as they fly around the world to ensure everyone gets the right presents on Christmas morning.

More information about Santa and the Xmas List ... Download from AppStore

Twitchy the Witch

Twitchy knows a spell to turn herself pretty - she just needs the ingredients! The witch's cauldron is getting hot, but there's 5 creatures that make up this recipe! You choose where Twitchy travels first!

More information about Twitchy the Witch Download from AppStore

Coastal Quest

A trip to the beach becomes an important adventure. As you explore the caves, the beach, the pier and many more locations, can you find the clues to help a sea creature in trouble?

More information about Coastal Quest Download from AppStore

Barnyard Mystery

A mystery needs solving at Farmer Bill's barnyard. Can you help him? Explore the different locations of the farm, such as the barn, the pig sty and the orchard, as you solve the mystery!

More information about Barnyard Mystery Download from AppStore

The Exceptional African ...

Lions, elephants, crocodiles, ostriches and all the animals of Africa can be found in 'The Exceptional African Adventure', as you visit lakes, rivers, plains, jungles and deserts on an amazing African safari.

More information about The Exceptional African ... Download from AppStore

Angus and Max Blast Off!

Take off into the wonderous depths of the solar system with Angus and his dog Max, as you whizz past planets, stars, comets and asteroids on the way to Pluto.

More information about Angus and Max Blast Off! Download from AppStore

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